Middle-ware Product

SUPREE is a toolkit (software library) created by Softfront to enable building multimedia communication application more easily at low cost. We’re proud of our excellent achievements in building SIP Stack and Media Engine with a long-term experience of SIP/VoIP pioneer. We’re always ready to support you making the new applications and successful business.

SUPREE embedded Series

SUPREE embedded series is the software library including independent functions: SIP call control, audio communication and video communication, which can be integrated into customer’s application. The customer can choose one or more of the necessary models to use in the application.


SUPREE embedded

SUPREE embedded software library provides the simple API based on SIP/SDP protocols to implement call control. It works with not only the general SIP servers, but also the Hikari Denwa service of NTT East & West.

SUPREE embedded AudioEngine

SUPREE embedded AudioEngine is a software library for VoIP application and suitable with voice conference. The information of dramatic high-quality sound technology REAFSVC are available at Softfront.

SUPREE embedded VideoEngine for Mobile

SUPREE embedded VideoEngine for Mobile is the mobile device’s specialization software library used for lightweight and high quality video calling application. The low-load video call is carried out by using controlling hardware codec of mobile device.

SUPREE embedded VideoEngine for Windows

SUPREE embedded VideoEngine for Windows is a software library providing video mixing (conference) and screen sharing functions for high quality video calling application. The multiple-base video conference can be implemented on the common PCs.

SUPREE Vision Premier Series

長年ご利用いただいた SUPREE Vision Premier ver.1 および SUPREE Vision Premier Pro ver.1 は、2016年8月31日をもって公開を終了いたしました。SUPREE Vision Premier / Pro ver.1 についてお困りの場合は、お問い合わせください。

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 is a toolkit for TV conference application supporting integration of SIP call control, audio and video, used to implement TV conference on multiple bases without using any conference server. It’s enable for developing original TV conference solution in a short time with the low cost.