What is SUPREE embedded?

SUPREE embedded is a middle-ware that allows clients  to programming with the simple APIs.

For implementing IP phone and TV conference, we need not only audio and video communication processing, but also the call control for telephone functions (i.e. outgoing, incoming, answer, …). The call control is based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is used in most of the internet telephone and TV conference systems all over the world.

SUPREE embedded controls the signaling of SIP protocol, simplifies the complex SIP control to the simple APIs such as connect and disconnect.

SUPREE embedded Function

Simultaneously Control Multiple Calls

Multiple callings can be controlled simultaneously by SUPREE embedded.

The instance session manages the calling by the separate outgoing and incoming processes. Thus, the TV conference and telephone conference terminals can be connected simultaneously together from different bases.

Simultaneous Connection to Multiple SIP Servers

For SIP signaling, the terminal can communicate with the others by registering to the SIP server.

In SUPREE embedded, the SIP server is managed by instance service, the registration could be done by setting an ID (telephone number) and SIP server address separately. Therefore, the conference terminal can be implemented to simultaneously connect to the office extension’s SIP servers and the outside public SIP servers.

Support NTT East & West Hikari Denwa

SUPREE embedded supports Hikari Denwa service of Flet’s Hikari Next of NTT East & West. Beside supporting call control method for Hikari Denwa, it also allows automatic setting to the Hikari Denwa router (Home gateway), so that the telephone function will be easily enabled without complicated SIP server’s registration.

Support Data Connect

The NTT East & West’s Data Connect service is supported by SUPREE embedded.

SUPREE embedded provides data transceiver API, port forwarding and bandwidth control functions. Moreover, beside supporting application to transmit file during the telephone call, it also allows development on the exclusive data connect terminal instead of the ISDN terminal.

What can be Developed from SUPREE embedded

Using SUPREE embedded, we can develop the following products:

IP Phone Application for Smartphone

SUPREE embedded supports multiple operating systems, so that the IP phone application can be developed on a wide range of OS platforms such as smartphone (Android, iOS) and PC. Moreover, because of supporting NTT East & West Hikari Denwa, it also allows implementing IP phone application to use telephone line number (i.e. 03-xxxx-xxxx).

TV Conference Application

SUPREE embedded treats multiple call simultaneously, so it’s enable to develop the TV conference application for multiple-base connection. SUPREE Vision Premier 3 is currently employing SUPREE embedded for implementing toolkits to enable TV conference function on Windows PC without using any conference server (MCU).

Data Connect Terminal

The ISDN terminals that planned to end service in 2020 are expected to use NTT East & West Hikari Denwa’s data connect. It’s possible to develop the machine that integrates different data connect terminals (i.e. POS, card settlement terminal and telemeter, …).

Package’s Contents

  • SUPREE embedded Object Code (Binary used for link)
  • Header file
  • API reference
  • API tutorials/Tester Windows version (SUPREEembTester.exe)


SUPREE embedded Specification

Protocol SIP (RFC3261), SDP (RFC4566)
Number of Simultaneous Connected Sessions no limit
Number of Simultaneous Connected Server (SIP Service) no limit
Supported SIP Server (SIP Service) – General SIP server based on RFC3261
– NTT East & West Flet’s Hikari Next and Flet’s Hikari Light Hikari Denwa
– Asterisk
– Brekeke
Supported SIP Transport UDP, TCP, TLS
Media Type audio, video, application
Media Negotiation RTP, SRTP, REAFSVC
Freely to list the negotiation codecs from user definition table.
Support multistage negotiation (Fallback) based on user definition table
OS Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

License and Price