What is SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 ?

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 is a toolkit for easy development of high-quality TV conference including SIP, audio media communication and video media communication.

The developer can easily develop a TV conference application without professional knowledge of VoIP and TV conference.

SUPREE Vision Premier ver. 3 Function

Simultaneously Control Multiple Phone Call

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 can control multiple telephone call at the same time.

The telephone call is managed based on the so-called instance ‘session’. The sessions are separately specified ‘audio’ or ‘audio + video’, so that these can make the out-going call or receive the incoming call.

Simultaneously Control Multiple Conferences

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 implements a conference based on the so-called instance ‘conference’. The multiple sessions in the calls with partners can be attached to a conference, and by mixing and synthesizing audio and video, audio/video conference is properly distributed to the partners. Certainly, the mixing audio/video conference with the audio terminal and video conference terminal at the same time is possible. In addition, multiple conference can be simultaneously controlled, so it can support various use scenes such as calling another partner during the conference.

Simotaneous Connection to Multiple SIP Servers

In SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3, the SIP server is managed via the so-called instance ‘service’, multiple services can be registered individually by setting parameters such as service ID (telephone number) and SIP server address. Herewith it enables mixture connection conference with both the partner connected to SIP server for in-house phone extension and the partner connected to SIP server for public phone.

High Quality Media Communication

Using SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3, no stress and smooth conference can be implemented with HD quality video (1280×720 pixel) and dramatic high quality voice based on REAFSVC.

Support NTT East & West Hikari Denwa

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 supports Hikari Denwa service of Flet’s Hikari Next of NTT East & West, can connect to LivyTalk Pro, which is a video conference software for tablet developed by Softfront-Japan. In addition, it is possible to make conference call with land-line phone and telephone, for example 03-xxxx-xxxx and 090-xxxx-xxxx, …

What can be Developed from SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 ?

Using SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3, we can develop the following products:

Remote Language Education

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 supports playback the voice of material narration and displaying presentation slides with maximum 9-base TV conferences. And, by developing the specialized UI for language education, the remote language leaning class software for small group could be implemented.

Remote Concierge Terminal

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 can support the remote customer smoothly with the HD-quality (1280×720 pixel) video and dramatic high quality voice.

Various use scene scenarios can be implemented by developing designated application. For example: automatic connection, playing guide voice, …

Package’s Contents

  • SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 Dynamic Link Library (.dll)
  • Header file for C language
  • Class file for C#
  • API reference
  • API tutorials/Tester Windows version (SUPREEvp3Tester.exe)

SUPREE Vision Premier ver.3 Specification

Protocol SIP (RFC3261), SDP (RFC4566),
Number of Simultaneous Sessions no limit (maximum 8 sessions for 1 conference)
Number of Simultaneous Conferences no limit
Audio Codec – G.711 u-law, A-law
– iLBC
Video Codec – H.264 AVC
Resolution – HD (1280×720 pixel)
Conference Screen Organization Equally split, room-in one base, special base with full screen
Audio Playback wav file format playback
Audio Recording wav file format recording
Static Image Playback BMP file format playback
Screen Sharing Window screen sharing as video stream
OS Windows 7, 8, 10

License and Price